Quiet For a Tuesday: Solo in the Algerian Sahara


It’s like Tom Sheppard opened the passenger door of his Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen, and I sat down for this ride through the wild desert. The esteemed Sheppard, with his legendary Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide now demanding nearly $400 per used copy in the U.S., puts his knowledge where his heart is: behind the wheel and camera lens, pointing … [Read more...]

Expediciones de las Mojave


Last minute notice of four open spots from JeepExpeditions.org, group for a Jeep Expedition across the Mojave, pronounced Mo-ha-vay. The trek included 120 miles across the open desert of the Mojave Desert Trail in Southern California. The starting point was Laughlin, Nevada with a finish destination somewhere near Barstow, California. Total Miles: … [Read more...]

Selecting A Portable Fridge For Your Jeep


Just about everyone has a cooler of some sort and has reached in to pull out that tasty treat, only to have it saturated with ice cold water. I can recall pulling into camp and lusting over other camper’s portable fridge/freezers as I reached into my cooler and grabbed my beer out of an icy pool of water. … [Read more...]

Red Rock Challenge, KJ Style!


5:00 in the morning. Dion Kedian and Derek Greber embarked on a trip they would never forget. A trip that took over six solid months of careful calculating and planning; a trip that was changed over and over again until it had been perfected. … [Read more...]

King of the Mountain


"Unbelievable, tremendous, phenomenal...the Wranglers are unbeatable!" The raw emotion of Matthias Jeschke's excitement was felt throughout the Jeep world on March 13, 2007 when his Extreme Events expedition team set a new Guinness World Record by climbing 21,804 feet to the rim of the world's highest volcano, Ojos del Salado, in Chile. … [Read more...]