King of the Mountain

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As the sense of accomplishment finally hit Matthias and the Extreme Events team, the overall sentiment was one of surreal astonishment. The team had achieved its goal and in so doing, had accomplished an achievement that was previously thought to be unattainable. Success had been achieved without major injury or damage to the vehicles. In short, the expedition was a dream come true and for Jeep ® enthusiasts the world over, this ‘trip of a lifetime’ was a true testament to the Jeep ® brand’s coveted core values of freedom, adventure, mastery, and authenticity; it was also the summation of everything that makes Jeep ® vehicles the one-and-only ‘go anywhere, do anything’ vehicle.

– Special thanks to Jurgen Malieske on behalf of the Extreme Events Expedition Team as well as Chrysler Media Services for supporting content.

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