ARB LED Head Lamp

Overall photo ARB head lamp

We just received an ARB LED Head Lamp and all we can say was, “WOW! This light is sweet!!”  We use head lamps all the time, for camping, wrenching on our Jeeps and even for working around the house and this one, by far, is the best  we have used.  It uses a Cree five watt LED that has an adjustable focusing lens so you can vary the light output … [Read more...]

Was This Willys The Hottest Jeep At SEMA?


While SEMA was filled with loud and over the top Jeeps, there was one in particular that stood silently outside and definitely caught our attention. An orange Willys CJ-2A instantly caught our attention as we walked past it towards the main convention hall. At first glance and we knew we had to stop and check it out. While we didn't know anything … [Read more...]

M.O.R.E. ARB Air Compressor Mounting Bracket

MORE ARB Air Compressor Bracket

A product that caught our attention at SEMA this year was the M.O.R.E. ARB Air Compressor Mounting Bracket. Designed as a convenient under hood mourning for ARB CKMTA12 Twin Motor/Dual Cylinder On-Board Air Compressors, the M.O.R.E. bracket even has mounting holes for the ARB manifold tank. The bracket was designed to be used in conjunction with … [Read more...]

Xplore Special Edition Jeep Program to Benefit National Parks Foundation


Moab, Utah, in the shadow of Arches National Park, one of our nation's most stunning landscapes,  will be the setting during Moab Jeep Week for the introduction of the XPLORE Adventure Series Jeep Program from Venchurs. The first XPLORE Wrangler will be auctioned this fall with the profits donated to the National Park Foundation, the official … [Read more...]

Xplore Adventure Series Jeep Wrangler Coming Soon


Venchurs XPLORE Adventure Series, a specialty vehicle program available through new car dealers nationwide, is pleased to announce XPLORE packages for Jeep vehicles. XPLORE Vehicles are designed for delivering adventures for you and your family.  You can choose from four levels of equipment to fit your lifestyle and appetite for exploring, … [Read more...]

Trails of Geronimo – A Jeep Expedition


When you hear the word “Geronimo,” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For some it might be the memory of childhood fun with running and jumping into the pool in the classic “cannonball” position and yelling “Geronimo.” But, if you are a history buff and a fan of classic westerns then no doubt your first thought will be of the Apache … [Read more...]