2014 Jeep Cherokee

Video showing the trail readiness of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee released!

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2014 Jeep CherokeeThe count down to the official reveal of the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee is down to the single digits! In a week from now, the new Cherokee platform will debut simultaneously at Easter Jeep Safari in Moab and at the New York International Auto Show. JPFreek will be at the Moab reveal and can’t wait to bring you all the details about the future of this iconic platform!

Today Chrysler released a video showing off the trail readiness of the new Cherokee …

The video, shot from a drivers point of view, shows the new Cherokee traveling across some seemingly familiar trails and a wickedly steep hill climb. The scenery is very similar to the trails of the awesome Texas Spur Jeep Jamboree held at a private ranch in Llano, Texas.  The background of hill climb and the path that the Cherokee travels looks to us like the giant granite dome on the Moab Trail on Inks Ranch in Llano, TX. Anyone who has been to the Texas Spur Jeep Jamboree can contest that the trails of Inks Ranch and the Moab trail hill climb are a great proving ground for the trail readiness of the new Cherokee.

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