Overland Adventure to the Scottish Highlands

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After the pass, and only exceptionally open for the Easter Weekend, we had an opportunity to drive the Achray Forest Drive which is a trail consisting of about 12 kilometers of winding, unpaved forest road and normally used by harvesters. It is a fantastic experience to cruise the track along the borders of the lakes.

Loch Lyon and Glenturret

Nearing the end of our Scotland exploring holiday, our last daytrip took us back to Killin and again up into the mountains. Instead of going in the direction of Ben Lawers, we chose to try out a road that is marked as a dead end and indeed, the road gets worse every hundred meters. However, we continued to drive and started to crawl slowly up into the hills with the Wrangler until, at a certain moment, our pace had dropped to about walking speed. We discovered a number of deserted meadows full of sheep, lakes, and lochs that seem so unspoiled, and historic landmarks we never would have believed to be there if we did not see them ourselves. The combination of the deserted track, the nature, and the solidness of the JK made up for another great morning drive!

In the afternoon, we set out for one more whiskey stop and we decided to go and visit the Glenturret distillery, home of the main component in the Famous Grouse blended whiskey. A great-guided tour is set up there and we enjoyed the actual making and distilling of the whiskey, including a tasting session. The guided tour explained all the phases in the whiskey making, all during a live whiskey making process in the different distillery halls.  We left with a special collector’s item bottle of Famous Grouse on Scottish Oak whiskey as a perfect memory to a fantastic holiday.








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