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Mercedes OM606 sitting in the JK engine bay for a test fit

Africa Jeep JK Wrangler Build Progress

The build on my Africa-bound 2007 JKUR continues, with work well underway on the diesel swap. The engine I’ve chosen is a Mercedes OM606 3.0 Turbo Diesel, making around 245 ft-lb and 175 HP Using the injection pump from an earlier Mercedes engine, the 606 is completely mechanical. Out with the old: And in with the […]

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Robert Tubb’s YJ – Field Reporter

Freek Robert Tubb sent us this submission with photos of his YJ’s transformation. Robert is in the Army and bought the Jeep for $600 to use as a winter beater before he decided to turn it into a great driver and crawler with the help of his friends. The Jeep has gone from stock to […]

The DEI 4.0L fuel rail & injector cover kit to help reduce heat soak

DEI 4.0L Fuel Rail & Injector Cover Kit

We have one of these kits to install on Project LJPFreek to help ensure that the injectors and fuel rail are kept as cool as possible. Look for a review in our Fall issue. —— Design Engineering, Inc. now offers a thermal Fuel Rail and Injector Cover Kit designed to custom fit 1997-2004 Jeeps® equipped with […]


KC HiLiTES Gravity LED Daylighter – New Product Alert

Long-time Jeepers will likely remember how cool it was to see a Jeep with a nice set of KC HiLiTES Daylighters back in the day. Well, they’ve brought the classic look of these lights into the LED era with these new Gravity LED Daylighters! Get your LED on with the look of an honest to goodness […]


New Rigid Industries LED Flashlight Options

Hard to find a better-known name in Jeep lighting than Rigid Industries and now they’re offering a tactical LED flashlight lineup so you can take some Rigid light with you outside/under your Jeep and anywhere else you need serious portable lighting. —- The Rigid Industries RI-Series™ is a full line of flashlights that offer high-output […]

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