A Girl and a Winch


During a temperate spring day on 8,600 acres of non-standard woods in Orange, Virginia, I learned about vehicle self-recovery. I had no idea I would learn so much and actually enjoy myself. A small group gathered around to get the day’s agenda from Garrett and J.B. of Overland Experts (OEX), an off-road and overland training company that offers … [Read more...]

The Joy of Jeep


All the thrills of off-highway adventure started with the Jeep, and they keep on coming. A celebration of Jeeps and the people who drive them, this book features the vehicles, personalities, events, and maneuvers that make up the Jeep universe of competitive and recreational off-highway use. … [Read more...]

Cycling Across America


Twenty-nine hundred miles in twenty-five days. The distance and time are staggering in their own right but throw in elements such as heat, wind, and rain and one might be lead to believe that this sounds more like a form of grueling punishment than camaraderie and adventure. As it turns out, trekking from Costa Mesa, California across the United … [Read more...]

Therm-A-Rest Camp & Comfort Series Mattress


Cascade Designs’ Thermarest LuxuryCamp mattress was crafted for the avid camper who seeks a comfortable and warm night’s sleep while enjoying the great outdoors. This self-inflating mattress is the best of both worlds, combing a luxurious stretch-knit fabric for comfort and 2.5” of thickness for plenty of warmth and easy sleeping. This mattress was … [Read more...]

24 Hours of Exhaustion


For twenty years the Camel Trophy was the ultimate display of what 4-wheel drive vehicles could accomplish. From 1980 to 2000, Land Rovers and Range Rovers, in every conceivable spec, traversed some of the most daunting and challenging areas on earth for weeks at a time. Another hallmark of the events was the emphasis on teamwork and mental … [Read more...]