Origami Jeep Trailer Wiring Kit For Jeep TJ

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Finally a Jeep trailer wiring kit that REALLY provides everything you need to wire your Jeep TJ Wrangler for trailer lights. This kit comes with the wiring harness and instructions, a self taping screw to fasten the ground wire, tie wraps to secure the wires, and several replacement fender shield retainers to replace the one you may need to cut to gain easy access to the existing Jeep TJ tail light wire connector.

To start, you’ll need to cut the bottom fender shield retainer off and fold back the rubber shield to gain access to the taillight wiring connector. Pull apart the connector and plug in the connectors on the Origami Jeep Trailer Wiring Kit into the factory connectors, route the wire, and you’re done!

The kit is complete and not only includes zip ties to keep things where they should but also includes electrical connector grease to prevent corrosion and even a cover for the end that connects to your trailer. Approximate time to install…15 minutes!

It worked great on my TJ where the original trailer wire set up was connected to the factory wires on the driver side with quick taps. The original setup finally burned up literally due to a short and this kit was not only an easy fix in my situation but would have prevented the wiring meltdown if it had been used before. Need to get connected? This kit is your solution.

For more information, click here.

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