Trail D-Vise

Mac’s Custom Tie-Downs Trail D-Vise

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Trail D-ViseBorn from a need for a simple, portable vise the Trail D-Vise from Mac’s Custom Tie-Downs provides a secure work platform. Couple this with the relatively small size and weight and you have a great tool.

The Trail D-Vise was designed to open far enough to repair U-joints but is small enough to be stored in a tool box or under a seat. The 17-pound vise secures to a standard 2-inch receiver hitch and can be used upright or sideways to accommodate different situations.  A wrench is included for operation but a standard wrench will work as well.

The Trail D-Vise has no slip jaws and pipe jaws for grasping all kinds of materials.

The vise comes painted black and has proven to be quite versatile.  I have used it around the shop for basic vise duty and also at work for some heavier service. The portability of this tool is its greatest value.  Sometimes you just need an extra set of sturdy “hands” to help get the job done.  The Trail D-Vise does this very well.  And is still small enough to stow away until needed.

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