TJ Tailgate Conversion

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All that was left were the right and left cables that support the tailgate when opened. These appear to be stock CJ cables which is a good thing. Cable installation is pretty simple. On the tailgate side the left cable is attached by removing and existing the bolt from the outside of the factory latch cover. The right side gets a special bracket that is bolted into the tailgate from the top and the side for strength. From there I placed the cables in the brackets that install on the inside body, made my measurements with the tailgate open to allow for stretching of the cables with weight on the tailgate, and bolted them in with the attached sheet metal bolts.

My final thoughts are that this is one of the most useful additions that I have made to my Jeep. The tailgate just reeks of practicality. It supports my cooler when I pull it out, it makes for a good table to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner. It works well as a seat, a workbench, and it is lockable and doesn’t rattle, even on the worst roads.

If you want the best practical mod you can buy for under $200, go retro and get your tailgate on!

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