Cycling Across America

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From that point forward, tailwinds and perfect weather provided a nice relief from the days before, and after crossing the Mississippi River, the riders could sense their journey’s end approaching. A second rest day provided much needed downtime for the group before heading into Mississippi, then Alabama, and finally Georgia before reaching Savannah, Georgia and once again dipping their bicycle wheels in the water, this time into the Atlantic Ocean.

The end had finally arrived. Twenty nine hundred miles in twenty-five riding days. The group was tired, mentally and physically, but also energized by the experience they had just endured. Cycling the U.S. is a monumental feat, one of those achievements that any cyclist can be proud of. The opportunity to enjoy rural America provided a humbling and peaceful feeling that, as any cyclist can attest, is what makes cycling such a unique sport.

So, the next time you feel the urge to challenge your mind and your body, consider cycling cross-country. The idea may sound grueling but don’t worry, the experience and camaraderie make the physical punishment that much sweeter.

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Special thanks to Doug Keithly for his contribution of photos for this article

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