Pyramid Lake Adventure

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By mid afternoon, people began pulling back into camp from a day on the trail and most of the afternoon was filled with their stories. Rich S. had been out with Chuck: “The Black Rock Desert was a surrealistic experience. Our destination was thirty some miles ahead of us across the playa and no road! Col. Chuck told us to line up, and to stay abreast of one another. Off we went, rather slowly at first but speed certainly picked up with confidence. Such a feeling of freedom I have never experienced. Being able to punch the accelerator, and feel the super charger kick in …and let her go.”

Steven’s Loop was a great success. Asked if they had fun playing in the Rocks, they told us the rocks had fun playing with them! “You’d work a line through the rocks”, said Andrew W, “but as you move forward the rocks would move and change position, so the spotters would be telling you to go in the direction of a huge rock, only it had moved!”. The Nth degree team managed to get the whole crew through Steven’s Loop without any body damage, much to everyone’s relief.

Saturday had a slow, and very social, start to the day. Brian somehow showed up with the air horn from a locomotive train and blew a 15 minute warning that vehicles would be underway at
10:00am. Where do people get stuff like that??

Three runs would be heading out: one to the Black Rock with Chuck, one to Steven’s Loop with Totally Off Road and Nth Degree, and one with Dan Streight of the Battle Born Cruisers into the Granite Range. It would give everyone a chance to do more of the same or something different if they chose to do so.

On Saturday evening, we arranged for an open pit BBQ. We started a campfire on the beach and started pulling the coals out and shoveling them under the grills to get things going. That evening we cooked salmon and chicken for 80 people! We’d asked everyone to bring a side dish to the meal that would be large enough to serve the people in their party, plus three more. By the time the fish and chicken were cooked, the central area had been turned into an outdoor dining room and a fine feast was had by all.

After dinner, we watched an eclectic Himalayan Expedition Motorcycle film. Brian pulled out an industrial popcorn machine and served everyone popcorn. Again, where does Brian get this stuff??

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