Defender Series Case for Android/iPhone by Otter Box

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Also, prior to purchasing the Otter Box Defender case, I had my phone completely wrapped in a invisibleSHIELD from a company named Zagg. The purpose of the invisibleSHIELD is to protect the phone and screen from scratches which is very important with a phone that cost $300+. It’s a great product but when used in conjunction with the Otter Box case, bubbles form between the invisibleSHIELD and protective screen of the Defender case. While this doesn’t deter from functionality, it is annoying and isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

Nonetheless, I’m generally very pleased with the Defender Series case from Otter Box. It takes care of the most important stuff while Jeeping and hiking, etc and despite a few areas for improvement, at $49.95 it’s a very wise investment. Additionally, Otter Box offers this case for most nearly every smartphone out there, including iPhone, so there’s an application for most everyone.

If you’re looking for a smart, protective piece of equipment for your smartphone/iPhone investment, the Defender Series case from Otter Box is an excellent choice. Just make sure your kids don’t decide it’s more fun to throw your phone at rocks instead of more traditional forms of enjoyment at basecamp like roasting marshmallows.

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