Jeep D30 to D44 on a Budget

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Zach called me and said everything was ready so I returned to pick up the axle and found that it looked great! The welds were very nice, the axle had been cleaned and sported a fresh coat of paint. The Tie Rod and Drag link kit were ready and included .188 wall tubing for the Drag link and .250 wall tubing for the Tie Rod. It also contained all the ends needed and changed the drag link mounting point to the tie rod rather then the steering arm.

The bumper I ordered looked great as well as it was exactly what I wanted. The welds were perfect and very heavy duty. A to Z stated that they had come across one problem when building this axle. Due to the short width I was asking for and location of the pinion, they had to reuse the cast in spring plate on the passenger’s side. This was going to cause a mounting issue. In order to get the correct pinion angle which they had set with the caster and camber, I would need to use shims. A to Z gave me the name of Kert at www.DIY4X.com. I contacted Kert and he stated that he makes solid steel shims. I told him what I needed and he made me a set of custom shims and had them to me in three days. I also picked up a set of quality radiused mounting tabs for my shocks which ended up having the perfect angle for my application.

After looking for a set of high steer arms that would work with my set up, I found WFO Concepts. This Company is based out of California and makes arms that are designed for SOA setups. The arms are forged with a one inch bend before the end to allow clearance of the springs without spacers. When I mentioned pitman arm, Beau at WFO suggested instead of using the CJ style arm to try their TJ/YJ arm. WFO preps the arm to fit a CJ and drills the other end to accept any Tie rod size. They also stated for my configuration they like to top drill rather than install the drag link from the bottom.

With my order placed, it took just two days to get here. The arms looked great and the pitman arm was perfect! As the Pitman arm is able to be installed at any point on the steering box, it allows even the most minor of change to your mounting. Getting on to the installation of the high steer arms needed about 10 minutes with a grinder to clear my ¾ ton brake calipers.

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