Jeep D30 to D44 on a Budget

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Now I was ready to get the axle to A to Z and when I dropped it off with the rest of the parts they needed, Zach told me they would have it ready in a few days. I asked Zach about a Heavy Duty Tie rod and Drag Link and he said that this would be no problem and would have them ready with the axle. A to Z was building a custom cage while I was there as well as several bumpers. I was impressed with both and actually had them build me a Custom front bumper at the same time. While A to Z was working in getting my axle ready to bolt on with the right width, I had time to figure out the small stuff like brakes, hubs, etc.

I could have kept the CJ brakes but with 37” tires, it was time to upgrade to larger brakes. My dad had just done an axle conversion on his TJ using Ford and Chevy parts, resulting in a ¾ ton brake set up with the CJ 5X5.5 bolt pattern. The Dodge outer knuckles will be kept for a high steer set up as they were flat tops. I matched these with spindles that have a bearing journal size of 1.785” and 1.625” (Spicer part number is 706528X). These can be found on many older Chevy and FSJ Dana 44s in your local pick and pull.

The next part needed was the outer stub shaft from a Chevy/FSJ that would match the spindles I had pulled. The trick was getting all this to work with my CJ bolt pattern of 5×5.5. To do this I picked up a Ford Hub and Rotor for a 1976-1992 Ford Bronco. These Rotors look to be a huge improvement over the old CJ as well. Warn Premium Hubs for a 1992 Ford Bronco are the perfect finish.

Sourcing brake components was easy using my dad’s notes. Starting with the brake caliper bracket, I again went to my local “You Pull It” parts yard and picked up a set from a 72-91 GM. These can also come from a Full-Size Jeep but are a little harder to find. These can also be purchased new with the part numbers of CB6675-R and CB6675-L.  The Brake Calipers and Hoses were ordered from NAPA for a 1985 Chevy K20 with JB7 brakes. This is the 8600 GVW Chevy set up. The Calipers where much bigger than the old CJ ones, almost twice the size which will be nice for my 37’s. The stock Chevy brake hoses were 20 inches long and will work perfectly on my CJ with the 7” SOA lift.  The nice thing is these hoses are less than half the price of a set of Stainless braided hoses. While there I also picked up a set of matching brake pads for that year Chevy.

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