A Trip to the Maze

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With the highway in view, Kris’ voice came from the CB saying he’d come to a river.  “Good, I can wash my Jeep!” “No, I mean a river we have to ford”, he answered.  And then it came into view; a fairly fast-flowing wash that we carefully negotiated.  Then we encountered a gate, which, after everything we’d been through, I expected to be locked.  Thankfully it wasn’t, and we aired-up, re-connected, and were safely on our way home.

The trip was more adventuresome than expected because of the cold wet weather which might have scrubbed the plans of less determined people.  As we reflected on it, we proudly realized that we’d become pretty well-seasoned backcountry guides, capable of sharing remote, rugged beauty safely and comfortably, even under harsh conditions.

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