A Gathering of Okies

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Twice per year, climbers from both Oklahoma and surrounding states gather at Quartz Mountain for a reunion/party. What started as the “Fall Gathering” has now also spawned a “Spring Fling Gathering”. The Fall Gathering is usually held the first weekend of November and the Spring Fling is held the first weekend in April. This is the only time of the year where camping is allowed at the climbing area. The gatherings are a great opportunity to meet some of the “old guys” of Oklahoma climbing plus meet new climbers from all over the area. Also, Quartz Mountain route finding can be a complicated and difficult, so the gatherings offer an opportunity for a new Quartz climber to benefit from the knowledge of the more experienced who are familiar with the area.  A big part of the gatherings is the Saturday night feast and campfire where the food and drink are more than plentiful.

If you are a rock climber, a trip to Quartz Mountain is not to be missed.  And if you’re going to head that way, try to make it during one of the yearly gatherings.   Everyone is welcome to come and share in the climbing and camaraderie at one of the primo rock climbing destinations in Oklahoma.

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