Abbas Fahmy’s 1995 Jeep YJ

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Engine performance has been optimized with the use of higher quality (offering less resistance) spark plug wires and an MSD ignition module, which delivers a “hotter” spark to burn fuel more efficiently.

The extra overhang reduces the departure angle over the short version YJ (I give you that), but the added cargo space is unbeatable!!!

Also under the overhang there was plenty of space behind the last chassis cross member.

This space was put to good use.

A custom spare fuel tank with skid plate was built. Capacity is an additional 13 gallons (50 liters) over the 20 gallons (76 liters) of the stock tank. A small dash-mounted switch activates an external fuel pump and draws fuel into the original tank via the main tank vent hose (spliced with a metal T-connector). The spare tank is tucked high between the frame rails. That gives serious mileage! Plus, it’s fun seeing your fuel gauge go up as you drive.

Egyptian-made YJs came stock with front Dana 30 & rear Dana 44 differentials (not typical for YJ’s), and a military large air intake
cylindrical filter. Otherwise, mechanically the LWB YJ is exactly like the YJ as the world knows it:

• 4.0L MPI 6 cylinder engine
• AX15 – 5 speed manual transmission
• NP231 T-case (with obviously a longer rear driveshaft)

Although the AX15 & NP 231 combos are strong enough for medium-duty abuse, all YJ & TJ Wranglers, as well as XJ Cherokees with manual transmission (worldwide), came with a design flaw as opposed to all previous Jeep CJ models. The problem was in the form of a slip yoke style tail shaft. This slip yoke configuration represents a known weak link and a potential problem.

In order to correct this, an aftermarket slip yoke eliminator transfer case tail-housing conversion kit (SYE) was installed and a custom, heavy-duty driveshaft made by Tom Woods ( in the USA.

Besides a whole lot of other modifications done for performance and for comfort and practicality, the decision was taken with a friend to design a custom coilover (coil over shock absorber) 4-link suspension with custom shocks made by Swayaway, as well as Eibach springs. The reason why we decided to fabricate our own coil conversion was simple:

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