Dirty Day Job: On the Trail with Sedona Jeep School

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The School

Care to go to school? Packages start at $150 and you can rent one of their nice new JKs. I did. Drove one they named Betty. You might luck out with Janice, Lola, Jenny, Ophelia, Cecelia, Lucky (ask about that one), and if you really are lucky you’ll hear the story about Bloody Mary. You know what transmission fluid looks like? It’s red. She’s got her story.

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You can go as simple as two hours or as much as a full day for private instruction. You’ll get familiar with the vehicle, support equipment, why stuff does what, basic trail safety and ethics, basic and advanced techniques of getting unstuck.

We talked about that one for quite some time, and I wanted to know more.. “Nena, what’s the most dangerous trail around here?”

Again, she laughed.

“Highway 89A, by a long shot!” That’s just her style. “Because it’s the trails and obstacles that get your full attention. What do you think happens to your brain when you come off the trail and hit the pavement?”

You daydream about three-hole punches and returning emails, maybe?

Contact Nena Barlow at Sedona Jeep School by calling 928.274.0570 or visit their website by clicking here

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