Dirty Day Job: On the Trail with Sedona Jeep School

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“How does being a woman affect things? You’re teaching a skill that mostly interests men. Often obnoxious ones, too.” I probed a little.

She laughed.

“Actually, people are very receptive when we’re working one on one. It’s not too big of a deal.”

The Customers

“Nena, let’s say I’m a new customer,” I began. “Who would I be, why do I come to you?”

She shoots straight, “You probably bought a Jeep recently, or have owned an SUV for a few years, but don’t know a thing about four-wheel-drive, negotiating obstacles, or getting unstuck. But you want to know.”

The interesting part of Sedona Jeep School is that it’s a part of a Farabees’ Jeep rental. So, she’ll coach in your own or one you rent right there. Many customers tend to be folks who are visiting Sedona, own a Jeep, but maybe they flew in to visit – the rental program is perfect.

That’s the nutshell. Other customers include corporate groups, clubs, and the tour companies as stated earlier. This might be completely sexist, but I think a segment aimed at the wives and girlfriends of male Jeep owners would be a slick one. The boys need to learn to pass the steering wheel over.

This business mode doesn’t come without trade offs. You ever try to coach a new driver on the trail? He or she is nervous, and it seems that no matter what you say, what instructions you give, no matter how explicit and direct . . . he’ll do the exact opposite.

“Okay, slow down. S l o w. Creep down off of this boulder, then turn your wheel hard left.”

“Okay, slow down. S l o w. Creep down off of this boulder, then turn your wheel hard left.”

“Why didn’t you turn left?”

“I thought this way would be better,” or, “I got confused.”

Still, though, it beats a day at the office. My three-hole punch and me.

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