Off the Beaten Path at Area BFE

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Area BFE is a recreational park for many different outdoor activities. Olaf Kilthau, managing partner of Area BFE, said this of the park: “The park had been a dream of ours for the past few years. In April of 2004 that dream became a reality for a group of guys who had a vision to create a place where people could go without the threat of being kicked off of a fun little playground! Since then we have been fighting to make trails, camping, and many other fun destination points on the property. Along the way we have met opposition by some. For the most part though, this project has reassured our faith in the OHV community and the values these people hold close to their hearts.”

The park is left open and free to the public on a daily basis. The owners do, however, accept donations to assist with the overall upkeep. Also, from time to time gatherings and events are held to raise money for the park as well as other charitable organizations.

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