Out Cold

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Secondly, a major comfort factor during the winter is not having ice build up within the tent. When you breathe your breath is full of moisture and forms condensation on your sleeping bag, walls of tent, or other items inside the tent. A distinguishing characteristic of a four-season tent allows enough ventilation within the tent to reduce condensation while keeping the wind out. Similar to clothing, many outdoor retail stores will sell four-season tents that can be reasonably priced.

Sleeping Bags
Once you have your shelter, you will need a good sleeping bag. When you start shopping for sleeping bags you will quickly realize that there are many options for selecting a perfect bag. There are many differences in bags ranging from materials, temperature rating, gender specificity, left-handed versus right handed, and so on. The most important aspects for winter camping are the temperature rating and the fill material. You want a temperature rating that corresponds with the temperatures you anticipate camping in. I typically use a zero degree bag that has synthetic fill material. Synthetic fill material dries quickly if it gets wet and
maintains warmth, and weighs much less than down.

Technique and other considerations
Once you have the basic gear that will allow you a successful winter camping experience, it is important to read about techniques that ensure safety and comfort in the winter landscape. For example, it is very important to keep dry, warm, and get plenty of fluids. Once you are in camp there are a lot of lessons to be learned about keeping your water from freezing, melting snow to provide water, and drying your boots at night.

One learns a lot from each experience and adds to the fun and excitement of the winter camping experience. As stated previously, this article gives a brief explanation of the essential clothing and gear but one needs to research articles and other information regarding safe travel in snow, using camp stoves, and proper nutrition during winter activities. So now it is up to you: Are you ready to be left out in the cold? Have fun!

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