The "Built For Off-Road" Adventure – Part II

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• Lock and Roll coupler is zinc plated vs. painted,

• Neoprene is now used between the fender and body to reduce coating abrasion from grit, and

• Roof rack system has been upgraded from Surco to the Thule product line with accessories available nationwide.

Each shipping pallet custom built for each trailer. They build pallets like they do trailers. VERY STRONG!

Packing was done perfectly. Three days later it arrived at the FEDEX Freight depot completely unharmed. FEDEX placed the pallet in the middle of the parking lot. Once I unpacked it, all that was required was to add air to the suspension and then drive it away.

In the picture showing the trailer with my Jeep, the trailer is actually sitting a little low. That’s my fault as I didn’t have the correct amount of air in the trailer air bags. When it’s correct, the trailer is exactly the same height as the Jeep (both running 35” MT/R’s on 15×8’s).

The trailer will be used almost weekly next year with plans to run the Rubicon and explore the Mojave in the spring and summer. The big goal now is a three-week expedition to Baja just before the famous 2008 Baja 1000.

Now if I can just keep the shiny side up.

* Special thanks to Mike Lawson for his contribution of this article & photos to JPFreek

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