Installing a Warn 9.5Ti Winch on a Mopar Bumper

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7. You can now re-install the grill, or you can do it after the winch is dropped into the bumper. Either way. Just make sure you put a towel between the grill and the winch to prevent scratching. (When done, there is barely 1/8” between the grill and the winch.)

8. Drop the winch into the bumper. The 9.5ti is a nice, low profile design. It’s shape makes it easy to grab and handle the winch as you lower it down into the bumper.

9. Next, using a telescoping magnet as shown, slide the square nuts into the slots of the winch’s base.

10. Working from underneath the Jeep, loosely thread all four bolts into the winch. Once you are sure it all fits, and you don’t need to further drill the mounting holes, put Loctite® on each bolt and torque it down per the installation instructions.

11. Now run the wires to the battery. I ran them under the grill (not through it), around the radiator, snaked up behind the fluid reservoir (I actually fed a coat hanger down and used it like Fish Tape to get the wires where I wanted them.), then along the inner fender to the battery.

12. Make sure you are not scraping or resting the cables along any sharp edges. Note how I used 5/8” heater hose over my wire between the fender and the air box to prevent the wire from chafing on the fender bolt. Also note that I put the red power wire on the bottom and the black ground on top so that if any wire makes contact on that bolt, it’s the ground wire and not the power wire. Plus the black wire is less of an eye sore there.

13. Bolt on the wires to the battery and you’re done with the installation!

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