Granite Domes & Jeep Adventure

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Plus, another great thing about this particular Jamboree is its proximity to neighboring Enchanted Rock State Park, a unique recreation area for hikers, mountain bikers, and rock climbers that will test ones mental and physical fortitude. In addition, the towns of Fredericksburg and Llano provide plenty of cultural insight on the native German settlers who inhabit the region, complimented by fine dining and shopping for those who visit the area.

The Fall Spur Jamboree is not only a fun and enjoyable weekend from the Jeep perspective, it is also an excellent venue to share the passion of the Jeep adventure lifestyle with family and fellow Jeep enthusiasts. So, if you’re looking for a unique Jamboree event that encapsulates beautiful topography with fun in your Jeep 4×4 vehicle, check out the Spur Jamborees in Texas where “It’s Like a Whole ‘Nuther Country.”

– Special thanks to Tony & Nancy Winkler (organizers for the Fall Spur Jamboree), Tom & Karina Gorrecki, Petey & Roy Inks (owners of Inks Ranch), Steven Berenzweig, Matt Reinhart (of Nyle Maxwell Jeep Dealership in north Austin), Mark Legg, Jeff Harlan, Diane Oldnetle, Allen Heath (for their photo contributions), and all the Trail Guides who made this event possible.

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