5 Must Have Accessories for Your Hi-Lift Jack

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I don’t really know when I bought my first Hi-Lift Jack but it was at least 20 years ago. I gave my original Hi-Lift to a friend when I got my new Hi-Lift Extreme and it is still giving him good service which says something for their quality.

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Over the years and after encountering just about every type of need for a jack on the trail, I have found that there are a few Hi-Lift accessories that make a good choice to have in your trail rig.

The first item is the Hi-Lift Off-Road Base. The ORB will increase the surface area of the base of your jack, making it less likely to sink down in sand or other soft terrain. It will also add to the stability of your jack. One look at this accessory and you will want one.

Item #2 is the Hi-Lift Lift Mate. There are going to be times when you will need to lift your vehicle much higher than normal. Maybe you are stuck in the sand and on your frame. The quickest and safest way to do this is with the Lift Mate. This accessory attaches directly to your wheel using rubber coated hooks, and a rubber coated block protects your tire/rim. You will be able to lift higher and faster by lifting your axle rather than lifting the suspension by using the Lift Mate,

The Hi-Lift Bumper Lift is our third accessory pick. Not too long ago in Death Valley, we came upon a Toyota truck on the trail with a very flat tire. He didn’t have all the pieces to his jack and the factory bumpers were not Hi-Lift Jack friendly. With the bumper lift, your Hi-Lift Jack can now be used on just about any metal factory bumper. While you might not need it for your vehicle, it can come in handy to help out someone else while on the trail.

Item #4 is the Hi-Lift Fix It Kit. While it is doubtful that with proper use and care you will ever need to repair your Hi-Lift Jack, there is a chance that mud, sand, water, road salt, abuse, and lack of maintenance could cause your jack to operate improperly. The Fix It Kit has all of the parts you need to rebuild any Hi-Lift Jack to get it working properly.

Lastly, there’s the Hi-Lift Jack Handle Keeper. This simple device keeps your handle stabilized while bouncing around dirt roads by holding it firmly to the upright steel bar, also eliminating that annoying rattling sound.

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