Killington's 4th Annual Jeep Jamboree

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It’s a win-win for all, really. The family has a great, memorable vacation together, Jeep gains a loyal-to-the-brand customer, and the aftermarket industry has infected yet another innocent person with the off-highway bug.

Regarding Killington’s Jamboree, it offers mud, rocks, steep hill climbs, trees, and plenty of tight squeezes! At one point I needed to take off my passenger-side front door just to fit between two trees. Ah yes, only in a Jeep!

I’ve explored trails all over the northeast but there’s something special about driving up the mountains of which I have been skiing down for over 30 years. And a picnic lunch with my six year old son at the 3,967’ summit, next to the chair lift with my Jeep, is a memorable experience.

As far as Jamborees go, the venue here is excellent. Obviously, Killington’s lodge is used to handling crowds as you can imagine, so there is plenty of room to lay out the buffet and the box lunches. Plus, the outside area is also more than adequate and very safe for the young kids to play.

Other highlights of Killington’s Jamboree include a Jeep Explosion: That’s when a trail guide unpacks his entire Jeep and explains the many uses of everything he carries from Hi-Lift jacks to spare parts to a little wooden dowel used to connect tow straps.

There is even a fundraiser car wash, Killington style. The local volunteer fire department sets up their rigs and does a great job of hosing off the mud from the under carriages of all the Jeep vehicles so everyone can drive home safely.

I’ve been to nine Jamborees in five unique locations around the northeast, and I think I’m qualified to say that Killington ranks up there as one of the best so if you’re planning a trip to one of JJUSA’s numerous events throughout the year, consider the Killington Jeep Jamboree. Your sense of adventure will undoubtedly be tapped.

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