Freaking Out About Rock Climbing

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As the climber ascends, the belayer continues taking up the slack in the rope produced from the climber’s upward movement and in turn eliminates the distance a climber will fall should he or she come off the wall. The belay device allows the belayer to stop the rope from running through the carabiner through the use of friction which keeps the climber from falling to the ground. As mentioned, a beginner will learn all the techniques and terminology from an instructor at the climbing gym or guide service.


Now that you have had the abbreviated version of everything you need to know about rock climbing, it’s time to get started. As I mentioned earlier, climbing is a technical sport that requires instruction and knowledge of essential gear before you attempt any routes indoor or outdoor. Once you have received instruction and have obtained the proper gear, you will be able to get started at your local gym or climbing area and climb your way to a good time. As you can imagine, the internet is full of resources about climbing and listings of gyms and guide services. Be sure to research as much as possible about the best gear for your specific needs, as well as where to get started. In the meantime, grab a friend and find some rock. You never know, your next great adventure might just be a vertical slab away.

– Editor’s Note: Due to the technical aspects of climbing, there are dangers involved with the sport including falling rock and falling climbers. Consult an experienced guide service or instructor when climbing for the first time, and be sure to use the appropriate safety equipment at all times.

For a list of climbing gyms in your area, please visit:

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