Industry Interview with Adventure Trailers

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JPF: Are there any plans to consider a Topper, or comparable-type product, for other Jeep vehicle platforms such as the TJ and/or LJ?

AT: Martyn: Once we get production squared away for the JK we’ll start looking at other models.

JPF: For those who are interested in the JK Topper and other AT products, what’s the best way to contact AT?

AT: Martyn: We have a toll free phone number, 877-661-8097. We update the message every day and encourage people to leave us a message if no one answers the phone. Both Mario and I work in the office and the shop, building trailers, doing R&D, prototyping, so sometimes it’s hard to get to the phone. We also spend a lot of time out in the field product testing and cell phone coverage is thin in some of the places we go. E mail is always a great way to get hold of us. Send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

JPF: Overall, how do you see the overland and off-highway market progressing over the next few years, and how do you foresee AT positioning itself in meeting those demands?

AT: Martyn: The Overland market has been growing steadily. People seem to be moving from the rock crawling side to the expeditions side. Families are spending time together camping in more remote places, far from the RV’s and generators, and the love of the outdoors is being passed on to new generations which is wonderful.

Our aim is to help people enjoy the outdoors, to understand the equipment they are buying, and to purchase quality product that lasts a lifetime. We are developing our website into an information source for the finest outdoor equipment available in North America.

We will also be reviving our blog to help people enjoy their time in the outdoors, providing tasty recipes for meals, tips on packing a fridge, packing a vehicle, how to entertain the kids, and fun camping projects.

At the same time we want everyone to be safe and to respect the land they are using. AT is certified by Overland Training, and we encourage people to learn how to use their equipment and vehicles safely, and to embrace the principles of Tread Lightly.

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