Moab: To Hell Dorado and Back

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Me again at the top of a stair step obstacle on Moab Rim. This was a common challenge in Moab, one that is overcome in two parts. Initially, just getting your front tires over the first ledge is the goal. Once you do that, it’s time to hammer-down and bounce the rears up and over. With the amount of traction afforded on these rocks, this can lead to catastrophic failures. Jason found this out when he blew up a hub on this same section.

A common scene in Moab, this one on the Hell’s Revenge Trail. Hells Revenge is relatively easy due to the high grip, but approach and departure angles might conspire against more stock vehicles. The optional obstacle at the end, Hell’s Gate, however, is a tricky and fun one. Lockers recommended.

All things considered, we came through relatively unscathed. My alternator died (on the last day, after the last trail, a mile from camp) and I slashed a sidewall, not bad when looking back on the week, running the most difficult trails Moab has to offer. While some of my expectations of Moab were not met (I’m still alive, for example), the experience was truly unlike any other. What makes this experience all the more impressive is that three of us were able to get in our Jeeps, drive 1100 miles, wheel some of the most amazing trails in the world, see some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable, and drive another 1100 miles home. It’s a testament to Jeeps and an experience I highly suggest everyone do at least once…per year.

– Photo Credits and thanks to: Brian Medley, John Herrick, Sean Hudson, Jesse Connor, John Mathews, and the rest of the guys from PNWJeep club.

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