Moab: To Hell Dorado and Back

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Also on the Kane Creek trail, here’s Jason showing his cool under pressure. Those of us watching was sure he was going to put his Jeep on it’s side, but just the right amount of finesse saved him.

Back at camp, here’s John welding Aaron’s axle tube back to the pumpkin. Even with a 4-banger, Aaron was able to break stuff convincingly. We were the envy of the campground, and made good use of the welder the rest of the week.

Oops. Here’s me on my side on Escalator, one of the more challenging places in Moab. I was the first to attempt it, and unfortunately miscommunication between me and my spotter led to this fiasco. Luckily, I was able to back out of it and keep going…at which point I put my Jeep over on the other side. My armor saved me though, with only a little scratch on my roof rack to show for my efforts. Wish I could build some rock sliders for my Ego, though….

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