Moab: To Hell Dorado and Back

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This very well put together Jeep belongs to Gary Prong, another Moab veteran who ran with the group. With ARB’s front and back, he had an easy time of most of the obstacles, including him here flexing out the Clayton Long Arm kit on the Golden Crack, one of the most recognizable challenges Moab has to offer.

Here is the group on the Moab Rim Trail, a relatively short but steep trail just outside of town. While the individual obstacles were not severe, the fact that they were on the edge of a cliff and very off-camber lent them a special complexity. The scenery made up for it though, as this picture shows the breathtaking views the altitude afforded.

The Kane Creek Trail was a surprise for most of us, not only because of the lush scenery, but also how much fun we had on this supposedly “easy” trail. Coming from the Seattle area, we were surprised to see so much water in the many creek crossings in the desert.

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