Moab: To Hell Dorado and Back

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John Herrick, a friend of JPFreek Adventure Magazine and publisher of CRAWL Magazine, was the other sage veteran who we all looked to for the right lines and paid close attention as he spotted us. John was perhaps the most experienced wheeler yet, on paper, had the least capable vehicle. He was the only person not running an upgraded rear axle (the popular choice being a Ford 8.8 with a Detroit locker), had the baldest tires and the most miles on his Jeep (250k+ miles). Yet, he went everywhere we did all week, showing what finesse and careful planning can achieve.

This is Jesse Connor, a veteran of Moab and experienced wheeler in the NW. This would, however be the maiden voyage for this Jeep; just recently he swapped parts over to this newer rig. Despite the untested nature, the rig did fine, with only minor issues the whole trip. It even acted as an ambulance (fitting, as Jesse is a paramedic) for a hurt hiker we discovered on the Moab Rim Trail.

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