All Breeds Jeep Show in Pennsylvania

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The All Breeds Jeep show was also a great place to network as many clubs, off-road organizations, and agencies set up shop to help answer people’s questions and assist with choosing what is right for your style of driving and Jeep vehicle. Professional Rock Crawling and Racing Teams scattered throughout, giving people a taste of what it’s like to live life to the extreme. There was something for everyone as the food court catered to the hungry and misting tents provided a much-needed cool break in the hot July sun.

Every year there is an award given to the longest drive to get to the show. Some participants have driven as far away as Alaska to make it to this event and been amazed upon their arrival at all it has to offer.   With on-site camping, the event nearly runs 24/7 as campers, tents and Jeeps line the entrance to the field.

So, if you’re looking for one very cool Jeep event to attend next year, check out the All Breeds Jeep Show held annually in York, Pennsylvania. You won’t be disappointed!

– Special thanks to James Buckley of AFW for his contribution to this article. To download and view the Show & Shine category listing and a listing of all the subsequent winners from each category in PDF format, click here:

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