Throwing Mud: Jeep Jamboree at Penn Woods

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Everyone had a smile and really enjoyed the time (except, maybe, the Liberty driver who was just a hair away from breaking his rear axle shaft while popping over a rock.  7,000 RPM at least and the noise from that rear was horrendous).  Though the terrain was exciting and learning about the forest was fascinating, what I enjoyed most was the lunch stop —  20 Jeeps parked in a quarry pit and Blaine’s son (14) whipping out a fiddle to play for us.  We caught video – very cool – check it out here:

I was a bit hesitant on day two because we were on a black trail (I think it was rated an 5-6). One of the trail bosses for that day, Todd,  talked me into it though I had heard they had a bit of trouble with a similar vehicle the day before.  It turned out to be not so bad – a fun challenge.   The trail guides Todd, Bret, and his wife Nicole were a focused team. All the 4-doors high-centered on the very first obstacle which was a couple of big logs.  The team rocked us free in less than 30 seconds. Their Jeep lines move! Perhaps the coolest thing about this group was they led the way by having a blast the whole time. And that was despite spending maybe 20 minutes in their own Jeeps. They must have walked rescuing Jeeps 20 miles with smiles on their faces.

The other thing that made it so enjoyable was when I couldn’t see my own line for an obstacle.  The line they chose was always dead on.  It’s nice to trust your spotter in hairy situations.

Favorite Vehicle – Day 2:

Had to be Scott Haymer’s 1963 CJ3B. Here it is from his own mouth: “1963, stock drivetrain with locker in rear. 30×9.50×15 bfgs, stock body with some patching, stock rims, stock motor, winch is from 1977 and everything else is newer.”

Despite all of our best efforts, sometime during the day I picked up this gash. My buddy and body expert, Ryan,  who happened to be in the car with me, says that’s $300.  Was the fun worth it?  Oh yeah.

The Jeep Jamboree was not only fun but also a valuable experience from the education we got on Jeeping and conservation, as well as the incredible people we met and explored with along the way.  I will end with a shout out to the people who made this article possible and then a quick and rompy Jeep video from Day 2.

Special Thanks to: The town of Bradford, PA, Erin Lara of Jeep Jamboree USA, Ryan Swope – Video & Photography, Frank Ledwell – The Mastermind, Denise Holladay Damico – Thanks for the Jeep, Russ Cutler – JPFreek tattoo guy (made my Friday night), Steve & Marie Tarbox – Most fun had, Scott Haymer – Day 2 Favorite Jeep, and all the trail guides: Blaine, Roy, Donna, Bret, Todd, Nicole and all their kids.
… now I believe I promised a final video:

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