Industry Insider Interview – Jonathan Ward of TLC Icon 4×4

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JPFreek: Before we go, one last question (or comment, really):  Got any extra CJ3Bs lying around that we can place in our garage?  *Hint, Hint*

TLC: Only one laying around here for now, and it is actively used for testing. This spring I would like to invite JPFreek to run one around southern California for a few days, maybe to an event? I would love for you guys to get some seat time, and help communicate what a huge transformation it is from the original.

– One last note:  Many people (mostly in web forums) have been picking on our grill design. They say it is too “Toyota” looking (?). I don’t really see that, but design is opinion and we are all welcomed to one. So with that in mind, know that our design allows you to fit a stock reproduction grille if you so prefer. We did our own because we wanted to avoid the quicksand or debate over who really owns the seven vertical slots design, and we wanted to differentiate our “Dog” from the pack!

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