A Grand Perspective


In 1993, Jeep released the first edition of the Grand Cherokee family of vehicles with its ZJ model. Coupling legendary Jeep off-highway capabilities with a smoother highway ride and a larger, more luxurious cabin interior than its brother (the Jeep Cherokee), the Grand Cherokee was a far more capable offering than the Ford Explorer released two … [Read more...]

Trail Winching Techniques: Recovery For More Drastic Traction Failure Situations


Getting stuck is part of Jeeping. Not that you are trying to get stuck (although I know some people sure look like they are); sometimes it simply happens. Occasionally, your Jeeping takes you to places where safety requires an extra measure of security. … [Read more...]

Recovery Techniques for Traction Failure Situations, or simply, “Getting Unstuck”


My wife used to think I enjoyed getting us into “predicaments.” Why else would I drive a perfectly good Jeep into the mud and over the rocks? She must have married a special kind of idiot who would do something so foolish again and again. … [Read more...]