Tales of a Texas-Sized Jamboree


I’m often asked, “Why would you pay $265.00 per person, NOT PER JEEP, Per PERSON, to attend a Jeep Jamboree USA® event when you can wheel at thousands of other venues and events around the country for less money?” Thankfully, there are a few hundred thousand people, with combined memories from a number of successful Jeep Jamboree events going back … [Read more...]

Granite Domes & Jeep Adventure


When folks think of Texas, they usually think of longhorns, cowboys, and land as far as the eye can see. While Texas has its fair share of all of the above, it is a haven for outdoor adventure and host to one of the most enjoyable Jeep Jamborees in the United States: the Texas Spur Jamboree. … [Read more...]

Queensland: Australia's Land of Adventure


Poet John Masefield once wrote, “All I need is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,” and standing on just such a ship, cruising the Great Barrier Reef with the Whitsunday Islands drifting past me, it is hard to disagree with the sentiment. … [Read more...]

A Whirlwind of Adventure


Have you ever flipped through old wheeling magazines, day dreaming and thinking of how cool it would be to have the opportunity to just hit the open road for a couple months? I know I have so when the opportunity came along for me to do just that, as a Jeep Jamboree U.S.A. sponsored event, I relished the opportunity to do so. … [Read more...]

To The Top of Texas and Back


Ever wonder what the typical JPFreek business meeting is like? Hint: It includes a road trip, a rough trail, and a high point hike.. “. . . because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live . . .” - Jack Kerouac … [Read more...]