That’s My Cup ‘O Tea


Green tea, white tea, black tea… what’s the difference? The examination of the health benefits from tea consumption date back about 4700 years ago from emperor Shennong of China. A cup of tea has been known to heal, comfort and cross cultural barriers and has so much to offer. The benefits of drinking tea can be significant to your overall health, … [Read more...]

Jamaican Jerk-smoked Chicken with Plum Chutney and Plums Pizza

A party in your mouth!

If you've ever had Jamaican Jerk Buffalo Wings, then you know what we're talking about. The tangy, zesty twang that hits your taste buds is exhilarating and leaves you begging for more. So, what better than to take this concept and apply it to pizza? Sounds crazy? Well, this recipe from our friends at Overland Adventure Experts proves that Buffalo … [Read more...]

A Sit-Down with Nick Chaset of the Bull Moose Society

Bull Moose 1

The Bull Moose Hunt Society is a small group in San Francisco that focuses on responsible gun ownership, ethical hunting, and human camaraderie. Being an avid outdoorsman myself (not so avid as of recent due to family, work and business obligations), I thought to myself, “Hmmm…Bull Moose Hunting Society in Northern California, specifically the Bay … [Read more...]

Expediciones de las Mojave


Last minute notice of four open spots from, group for a Jeep Expedition across the Mojave, pronounced Mo-ha-vay. The trek included 120 miles across the open desert of the Mojave Desert Trail in Southern California. The starting point was Laughlin, Nevada with a finish destination somewhere near Barstow, California. Total Miles: … [Read more...]

Camp Chef Mountain Series Stoves – Rainier Stove Review

Denali 3 Burner Stove

I have been a camper for more than 40 years and I have gone through a number of camp stoves. One thing all of us finds out with experience is there is no substitute for quality gear. A lesson learned the hard way on a recent 500 mile trip where my store brand $40 stove just refused to work. Even before that it started falling apart and it was just … [Read more...]

JPFreek Industry Insider: Stann Grater’s Chicken Thigh and Kielbasa Cassoulet

From the kitchen of Stann Grater our Summer 2009 JPFreek Adventure Magazine Industry Insider. Visit and subscribe to JPFreek Adventure Magazine to pick up this issue and read more on Stann, as well a ton of other great adventure information. Chicken Thigh and Kielbasa Cassoulet To make ahead: Cover and refrigerate for up to 3 days Makes 6 … [Read more...]

A Rusty Jeep…A Pit BBQ = The Rusty Jeep Pit BBQ, Port Aransas, Texas


Hurricane Ike recently decimated the Texas coastline and left much along the Galveston coast and in land unrecognizable.  Days before landfall Ike's path was predicted to punish a different part of the Texas coastline and devastate an area that I have grown to love over the last decade.  The devastation in Galveston and the near miss in Port … [Read more...]