Wheeling and Reeling the Eastern Sierras


This trip begins the way any great weekend begins: a dream of dirt under the tires or mended lines in the water find the need to become reality. Combining the two in an already compact time frame proves to be more difficult, but that is of little concern to those who call themselves Jeepers and fly fisherman. We do, after all, have the uncanny … [Read more...]

Origami Jeep Trailer Wiring Kit For Jeep TJ


Finally a Jeep trailer wiring kit that REALLY provides everything you need to wire your Jeep TJ Wrangler for trailer lights. This kit comes with the wiring harness and instructions, a self taping screw to fasten the ground wire, tie wraps to secure the wires, and several replacement fender shield retainers to replace the one you may need to cut to … [Read more...]

The Mule Rack by Baja Rack


One of the biggest challenges when preparing for a journey in a Jeep vehicle is space. Whether it’s a weekend excursion or an expedition to a remote locale, there’s rarely enough space in the vehicle to accommodate all the needs for storing camp gear, food, and everything else a person or family needs to have a successful trip. For many of us, the … [Read more...]

The Maine Event – An Overland Adventure


For Jeep enthusiasts living in the northeast, winter is the most trying time of year. It’s not so bad around the holidays when there’s a lot of “real life” family stuff to do, but then your heart begins to slowly sink when January rolls around and you’ve not had dirt under tire for two months and there’s nothing ahead but the long winter wheeling … [Read more...]

Catsailing with 'Ol Rubi


One summer day in 2002, a friend invited my wife and me to go sailing on her little Sunfish. The power of the wind and water was exhilarating, and we were hooked. Pitting our skills against nature and the technical aspects of a sailboat drew us into catamarans which are the ultimate adventure in small boat sailing. … [Read more...]

Cycling Across America


Twenty-nine hundred miles in twenty-five days. The distance and time are staggering in their own right but throw in elements such as heat, wind, and rain and one might be lead to believe that this sounds more like a form of grueling punishment than camaraderie and adventure. As it turns out, trekking from Costa Mesa, California across the United … [Read more...]

A Gathering of Okies


Rock climbing in Oklahoma? Normally, when someone thinks of Oklahoma, they think of a flat and dry landscape with tumbleweedsrolling across the prairie. But this could not be further from the truth. Local adventurers know that southwest Oklahoma hosts some of the best rock climbing in the Midwest and a local favorite is Baldy Point…also known to … [Read more...]

Hooray for Ouray


It’s that time of year again when the climbing shoes and chalk bag find their place in the gear closet while the crampons and ice tools screech with the sound of a file sharpening their steel points. Yes, winter is finally here and in full glory with plenty of snow and cold temperatures, turning the most glorious of waterfalls into true sculptures … [Read more...]

All Mixed Up


In the fall when the temperatures are trying to get below zero in the foothills of Colorado, the ice has no problem being hardened by the sub freezing temperatures in the high country above 10,000 feet. In most years the fall is one of the best seasons to climb ice routes due to the minimal snow pack on the approach and solid forming ice up high. … [Read more...]