Badlands of the Heartland


With more of our public lands being shut down and the continuing threat of additional closures, the popularity of ORV parks is growing and the number of them continues to increase as well. Indiana is home to several of these parks including The Badlands and Redbird. These ORV parks are two of the best known and most popular in the state. Having … [Read more...]

Company Overview – TeraFlex Suspensions


Jeep Jamboree doesn’t just offer the greatest organized off-road events around the country but they have also joined forces with many of the off-road industry’s biggest names. This allows them to collectively bring their clients the best in off-road entertainment while also offering them a connection with the highest quality in after-market support … [Read more...]

Brake Strips by Phoenix Systems


Brakes…one of the most important components and systems on a vehicle. Yet they are also one of the components that are dismissed or forgotten until the time when it is needed the most. Rarely do we pay much attention to our brakes but we use them every time we drive. It’s not until we go to step on the brakes and find out that they aren’t there do … [Read more...]

250,000 Mile Jeep


Jeeps have always been a part of my life since I was a kid. My parents had them when I was growing up so my love for the brand came at a young age. We used to take our weekend outings in our Jeeps and at other times I would join my dad and we would head to the mountains or to the dunes and go wheeling just for something to do. … [Read more...]

Flash Stove by Jetboil


There are times when there are only one or two people and there isn’t a need for cooking a large meal. There are also times when something as simple as a can of soup or hot water for coffee or cocoa is all that is desired or needed and in other situations likebackpacking, you want to utilize space and weight as best you can and a smaller cooking … [Read more...]

GoPro Hero HD Helmet Camera


This time last year we had the opportunity to test the original Hero and had some really good chances to test it in different environments and situations to see what it could do. A surprisingly small camera it packed a large array of options that it could be used for, the Hero was able to take still shots like any other camera, bursts of stills … [Read more...]

White Water, Kayaks, and Good Times


The changing of the seasons each year brings the excitement and planning for all my upcoming adventures. Too often when we talk about or think of Jeep trips we associate it with a wheeling adventure or expedition. Some of my favorite moments in my Jeeps have been while traveling to or from a camping or hiking trip, kayaking excursion, and even … [Read more...]