A Gathering of Okies


Rock climbing in Oklahoma? Normally, when someone thinks of Oklahoma, they think of a flat and dry landscape with tumbleweedsrolling across the prairie. But this could not be further from the truth. Local adventurers know that southwest Oklahoma hosts some of the best rock climbing in the Midwest and a local favorite is Baldy Point…also known to … [Read more...]

Mountain Khakis for your Outdoor Adventures

MK Logo

Mountain Khakis is an outdoor clothing line based out of Jackson, Wyoming.   They offer several styles of clothing including pants, shirts, and hoodies, both for men, women, and kids.  But their primary focus is the pants including a classic original, cottonwood cords (for women), alpine utility pant, and several other styles.   I had the … [Read more...]

Wham! Bam! Lessons in Colorado's High Country


I heard Jackie yell “ROCK!” but it wasn’t the “Rock!” that you would normally hear while climbing. This was a voice of panic and fear,and yelled at the top of her lungs...repeatedly. I looked up and watched a 500 pound boulder heading straight for my head at extremely high speed. This wouldn’t be the worst part of my day. … [Read more...]

Road to Near Heaven


The road to the top of Mt. Antero in Colorado, which reaches a height of 14,276’, offers an amazing opportunity for any stock 4x4 Jeep vehicle. The road is rough and long (7.5 miles to the top), but the reward of views and scenery are well worth the effort. … [Read more...]