70 Years and Counting: A Look at the 2012 Jeep Wrangler

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I particularly like the leather seat option as cleaning the interior is always an issue with cloth seats. I also like the intelligent and functional layout of the instrument cluster and the availability of numerous twelve-volt accessory outlets throughout the vehicle. These outlets are extremely useful and in past versions of the Wrangler, I had felt constrained from using additional accessories, including a fridge/freezer or other items while in the backcountry, because of a limitation in the number of available outlets.

Lastly, an inlay on the front passenger grab handle that says “Jeep Since 1941″ solidifies the refinement inspiration from Fiat while staying true to this iconic brand and the hex-head bolts throughout the interior achieve the “rugged refinement” of the vehicle.

70 Years and Counting

For a company that went from “Chapter 11 to Chapter 1″ as Mike Manley, President and CEO of the Jeep Brand, Chrysler Group LLC noted when the 2011 Grand Cherokee was launched, it is evident there is a rejuvenated sense of the brand’s pride. Capability, refinement, and overall performance have indeed set new benchmarks with the 2012 Jeep Wrangler.

70 years of history have gone into the creation and development of this American original and driving the 2012 Wrangler reaffirms the brand’s commitment to staying true to this American icon. Whether driving along winding roads or through challenging terrain in the backcountry, I can’t say enough about how exceptional the vehicle’s new powertrain performs. Couple this with eye-pleasing design cues and unparalleled functionality and it’s proof the freedom, excitement, purpose, and adventure of the Jeep brand will sustain its true heritage. A heritage that has made it an American Icon.

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