What Was I Thinking?

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“It’s a Jeep Thing…You Wouldn’t Understand,” I said. She just walked away.

Students in my off-road driving classes ask why my wife doesn’t ride along on the classes. The truth is because she figured me out a long time ago. She saw that I liked getting stuck…and I enjoyed solving the puzzle of how to get unstuck. She hated when we got lost, but that was just a different kind of challenge for me.

Breaking something on the trail always left her wondering how (or if ) we were getting home. The best (or worst depending on whose perspective we’re talking about) was getting lost and stuck, then breaking something trying to get unstuck. The perfect storm for a guy like me…and the final straw for my wife going Jeeping. She accepts what I do, but is not willing to endure the uncertainty of what is going to happen next.

And that’s how this column wraps back around onto itself. I am trying to figure out what happens next. I have a pile of parts that have not sold yet. I have a sandblasted frame and a Jeep that is in pieces. Time is short, the snow is flying (actually it’s freezing rain today, and the forecast is for much colder temperatures next week) and I’m sitting here looking at this mess and asking myself: What was I thinking?

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