The First Overland

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• Darjeeling detour;
• Met Tensing Norgay (Tensing Sherpa)
• Crossings on The Ganges
• The Grand Trunk Road [approaching Delhi]
• Having run out of petrol, Roy hitched a lift on the back of an old cycle

• Fractured chassis

‘Repairing a broken leaf spring, and more importantly, a fractured chassis which opened and closed when the Jeep was bounced on its lifting handles …the terrain ahead, which included the mountains of Baluchistan, was guaranteed to split the chassis.’

• Pathan Rebels – ambush.

‘Given the state of the engine, plus the fuel shortage, we risked taking the shorter, albeit more dangerous route, inhabited by Pathan Rebels. ‘

• Trading the winch
• Lucky find – ‘new’ box of Willy’s Jeep spare parts labeled U.S. Army
• Sleeping in the ‘Pashas Palace’ for 3 days/meal of rotten meat.

• ‘In the brief moment we stopped to read a confusion of signs, a contemptuous voice yelled,
• ‘Hey, have you two anything to declare? We were clearly back in England .’

– This excerpt from ‘The First Overland’ is courtesy of Roy Follows and we at JPFreek Adventure Magazine highly recommend this book. To purchase and read about the entire First Overland journey by Roy Follows and his friend, Noel Dudgeon, please visit Ulric Publishing.

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