Granite Domes & Jeep Adventure

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When folks think of Texas, they usually think of longhorns, cowboys, and land as far as the eye can see. While Texas has its fair share of all of the above, it is a haven for outdoor adventure and host to one of the most enjoyable Jeep Jamborees in the United States: the Texas Spur Jamboree.

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Inks Ranch, one of the original Texas Land Grant properties when Texas first joined the union and nearing its 175th anniversary, has been host to the 4th Annual Texas Fall Spur Jamboree since its inception in 2007. Thousands of acres are ensconced in wild brush accented by slick, granite domes that tower up several hundred feet into the air. In short, the area is both beautiful yet rugged and is home to some of the most diverse terrain in all of the state of Texas.

The spring-time version of the Spur Jamboree has continually been one of the most popular events in the Jeep Jamboree line-up with events that have sold out within 30-45 minutes of registration opening. While the fall-time version is not quite as ambitious in its registration as its spring-time brethren, the Fall Spur Jamboree is no less challenging or packed with passion from its attendees.

This year, the Fall Spur Jamboree was not only host to a passionate group of Jeep enthusiasts on the trails, it was also host to JPFreek Adventure Magazine’s exclusive test of the 2011 Grand Cherokee, a vehicle that had not previously been in attendance at a Jeep Jamboree since its launch in early July 2010.  In short, the vehicle exceeded expectations for everyone who attended and saw its performance on the trails; however, we’ll save our test review and our overall sentiments on the all-new 2011 Grand Cherokee for our November/December issue so stay tuned.

Over 50 vehicles were in attendance for the Fall Spur Jamboree and everyone from first-time Jeepers to experienced wheelers were in attendance, many with family and friends joining for the fun. As mentioned above, the terrain in the Texas hill country is home to slick granite rock that will test, yet accommodate, stock Jeeps to highly modified rigs. Trails like Indian Springs, Watch Mountain, Hunter’s Hill, and Moab are highlights of the Fall Spur Jamboree and provide thrills for all levels of Jeep enthusiast.

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