Have an "Ice" Day

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Now For The Fun

In winter, the mountain landscape transforms to a snow and ice covered playground just waiting to be explored. In Colorado, it’s not unusual to have a nice sunny day and temperatures around 30 degrees; conditions that are perfect to get out and play without feeling like you are going to freeze to death. Many mountain areas also offer reasonably priced lodging and climbing guide services that will not only allow you to stay warm at night and enjoy the mountains by day, but also accommodate you on your first climbing experience, providing for the perfect weekend getaway! So next winter when your Jeep is sitting in the garage waiting to get its tires in some snow, why not drive to the mountains and do some ice climbing? You and your Jeep will both be happy that you did.

* Editors note: Due to the technical aspects of ice climbing, many dangers are involved with the sport such as falling ice, falling tools, and falling climbers. Consult an experienced guide service when ice climbing for the first time, and be sure to use the appropriate safety equipment at all times.

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