Practical Tips From the Driver's Seat

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• Hands, feet and head must stay INSIDE the vehicle. I don’t care how strong you think you are, you cannot stiff arm your Jeep off a tree. If it’s going to make contact, at least make sure no part of you is in the way.

• Follow all winching. A winch is a powerful tool that requires respect when you use it. Make sure one person is clearly in charge, and responsible to make sure spectators are out of the way in case a mishap occurs.

Safe Jeeping should be a habit that you consciously develop and encourage in others. If you build a foundation of good skills, you will enjoy a lifetime of adventure on the trail and your st aftermarket expenditure will prove to be a good one!

– Iron Range Offroad offers a comprehensive training course geared toward entry level Jeepers that stresses safety and environmental responsibility. The classroom setting is the spectacular Iron Range OHV park, 3 hours north of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Trail riding is integrated with class modules covering trip preparation, vehicle maintenance and repair, driving skills for different terrain, extraction techniques, vehicle upgrades, and much more.

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